Electric Fencing & Charger Repair

Electric Fence Chargers

We carry electric fence chargers for all your ranching needs. Our most popular include the Parmak Solar Charger (6 & 12 volt models), the Parmak Mk. 8, and the Super energizer 5. 


Fence Charger Repair

Got a busted fence charger? We’d love to help! Since chargers can be expensive, we’d love to help you repair it for less than it would cost to order a new one.

We can work on most popular brands of chargers in the list below, but if you’d like to know if we can work on yours and don’t see it listed, just give us a call!

  • Our specialty is Patriot™ and Parmak® brand chargers, but we may be able to repair other models, just ask!
  • Repairs may take up to a business week
  • We can provide you with a price quote for the repair if you bring your broken charger in store
  • There is no cost to you if you are unable to repair your charger
  • If we cannot repair your charger, we can help you find a comparable model for sale
  • We can order most models even if we don’t stock it directly